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Just got back from an epic trip to France. Check out the Trip.


France Trip 2008 - Lyon

October 28, 2008 Meursault to Lyon

Well rested and off to the boulangerie. This would be the start of many different and wonderful macarons for me. Oh and another pain aux amandes. We had a bit of a trek to Lyon this morning, so it was bye to Meursault.

A little lost and worse for wear, we got into Lyon and parked for Jeff to start his work week at Arkane. After Jeff put in a full day, we headed to the hotel, dropped off our stuff, walked across to Old Town for dinner with Julien and Jouan from Arkane. Toff joined us at Le Baronn. We had a multi-course menu of course, with wine. Jeff and I thought it funny given our joy of French wines that one of the guys didn't drink at all and another (who had worked with his father during harvest) who could give or take it. We got drizzled on as we walked back to Mercure Plaza Lyon.

October 29, 2008 Lyon

Jeff off to the office. I walked all around Lyon. I crossed two rivers, the Rhône and the Saône, multiple times. Off to old town with, well, old stuff to see. Had lunch at a Moroccan place (figured as a former occupied country, there'd be some good crossover). Then I decided to make the hoof up to the Notre Dame de Fourvière. I had to take 2 rest stops (hence the pictures of stairs). Ah, but the reward at the top was worth the trek.

Back to the hotel to warm up. Then to dinner with Jurie and Cedric at La Nef des Fous.

October 30, 2008 Lyon

Again, Jeff off to the office. Today was really cold. I headed back to Old Town. Cruised around, but not all the museums were open (I needed to get out of the cold). Opted for the Miniature museum. Strange combination of full size movies sets (many from a period piece, Perfume: The Story of a Murderer, from 2006 with Dustin Hoffman) and scale models and dolls/clothing. After that I went into another of the infamous Lyonnaise Bouchon. Not so good, but expectations are now in check. Met up Jeff at work. We went out to restaurant Gaston with Jen. This ended up being just the meal I needed after a cold day of walking around. I had a beer, salad and Tartiflette (a hot gooey casserole of potatoes, onions, bacon and reblochon), finishing with a strawberry tart and coffee.


On to the Rhone, Finally


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