From the Desert to the Sea

August 7, 2004

So we did what could be considered a crazy. We flew to Arizona to pick up our new Prius (whoohoo!). Since there isn't a Prius to be had in California (and mostly not anywhere else either), Margaret set to work and located the one at Bell Road Toyota in Phoenix, Arizona. The deal was struck on Friday and we flew out Saturday morning to pick her up. Below is the happy folks, Jae and Michael at Bell Road Toyota, with the happy owners, Jeff and Margaret. Ahhhh! to be home at the beach (Palm Springs 111 degrees, Redondo Beach 70 degrees). We averaged 44 miles to gallon on this maiden voyage. Much better than we hoped, with confidence as we break her in, it will only get better.
Prius birth

Prius home

We did take photos along the way. We ate at Bill Johnson's Big Apple (OMG! not a vegie to be had in the whole place) and pretty much flew down the I-10 the whole way to LA. We saw a bunch of mini twisters in the desert. We are so thankful we live at the beach.
Mini Twist

The Border to CA

Surely we will add to any wonderful Prius journeys as the adventure continues ...