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Just got back from an epic trip to France. Check out the Trip.


France Trip 2008 - Meursault

October 26, 2008 Redondo Beach to Meursault, France

Arrived in Paris to drizzle. No matter, we were finally on a true holiday after eight years. Got the car and settled into getting out of Paris as quickly as possible. Jeff had me navigating on his pda, which I didn't know how to use at the time (got it by the end of the trip). No matter the car sickness, we were on our way to Burgundy. We arrived in Meursault at about 5pm. We were staying at Les Charmes. We'd stayed here 8 years ago. Quiet and a little run down. We unpacked, degunged (bath only) and we were starving. Way too early though, so we had a walk about to stay awake. At the appointed hour we headed into Beaune for dinner. Jeff had looked up some options and cross-referenced via Le Guide Rouge and Google. We ate at a perfect location to get us started. Down stairs in a cosy candlelit cave of Aux Vignes Rouges. Both our starters were very memorable. Jeff had a chestnut and leek tart. I had, the first of many preparations to come, foie gras. The special board had a St. Roman red so we got that.

October 27, 2008 Meursault and Burgundy

Jeff got up early and had a wander around Meursault.

He came back baring gifts of pain au chocolat and pain aux amandes. Ahh, great way to start the day. We had an appointment at 10am in Puligny Montrachet at Olivier Leflaive. Made the short jaunt and had a walk about the square. Leflaive owns the town. We were with a small tour group from the UK. A UK ex-pat tour guide Suzan from Burgundy on a Plate sets up nice, low impact tours of Burgundy. We started with a tasting and education on the Burgundy region with Guillaume. We had a tasting of 3 burgundies and, of course, we had a fresh hot batch of gougères to go with. Next we took a little walk to the winery to meet up with Patric Leflaive.

After our tour of the cave, Patrik brought us back to the restaurant were other guests were already starting lunch. We had a typical burgundian meal of gougers, jambon persillé et terrine régionale, stuffed chicken in white wine, and cheese (including époisse). Oops, there were also a rose, 10 white wines and 3 reds. I didn't want Jeff to rush me on my first day, so we lingered over coffee and chocolates. At 4pm we made our purchases (a rose, 2 st romains, and a P-M 1er cru). Having just discovered Saint Romain both last night and at lunch, we decided to go out and have a look at that village.

A rest and then walk about Beaune. It is one of many walled cities to visit. We were thinking about dinner, only because of the time really. Most restaurants are closed on Mondays. It was just as well. We were still comfortable from lunch and the pizza wagon was in Meursault this evening. On our evening stroll we saw a "taco" truck in the village center. People were driving up or walking up and coming away with boxes. We had to do it. We found out from the hotel staff that Monday night is the night that the pizza wagon is in Meursault. It travels to different villages on different nights, since every village can't support a full time restaurant.

It was drizzling, so we went back to the hotel and enjoyed the pie.

On to Lyon


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