Welcome to France! Jeff and Margaret are on another adventure.

This time it is the wine regions of France on our way to a conference on Non-Photorealistic Rendering in the Alps. Now this is really just for work, but you gotta eat and drink on the way. Come along and share in our trip.

USA to Paris: Tuesday, May 30, 2000, We leave the USA (thanks Christine for the ride and watching the kids).

Champagne: Wednesday May 31 to Thursday June 1, 2000

Alsace: Thursday June 1 to Saturday June 3, 2000

Burgundy: Saturday June 3 to Sunday June 4, 2000

Alps: Sunday June 4 to Saturday June 10, 2000

Burgundy revisited and Versailles: Saturday June 10, 2000 to Monday June 12, 2000